Embrace the Process

When we started Lives By Design that’s exactly what it was intended to be.  Sharing how we are designing our lives along this crazy journey.

From what I’ve experienced thus far in my life, it’s about learning from failures and breaking things before they are broken to do “better” (whatever “better” is).

I wanted this blog to document our trials, errors and successes.  Maybe something we’ve learned along the way could help another person out.  Or maybe someone out there reading could return the favor and give us some advice.

But I’ve found myself hesitant, hence the gap between posts.  I’m certainly no expert at life.  What if I write something one week and then contradict myself the next?  What if what works for me doesn’t work for someone else and I “fail” them?  But that’s why I’m doing this, because we all live life by trial and error and seek advice from others.

I think back to almost a year ago.  We were going to share how we save time and money and become experts on efficiency.  Share our debt reduction, our time savings and financial savings.  Now don’t get me wrong, we are better off now financially than we were 6 months to a year ago but I look back and much more has changed.

Derek has switched from writing code to rekindling his passion for photography.  He officially started offering photos for sale last night which sparked this realization and blog post.  I’m so proud.  I am proud for many reasons but it got me thinking about how a year ago, 6 months ago, even 2 months ago this wasn’t in our “design”.

I too have changed.  I still have my business to save money shopping online but I’ve found a new niche in our makeup line and am loving it.  This is our now and this is our life.  What I’ve realized is no matter what we are doing, focusing on what is now is what is most important.  And if it changes, it changes (insert shrug emoji!).  It doesn’t matter if in 6 months we are into different passions.  It’s about trial, error, breaking things that aren’t broken and designing our path for what feels right in the moment.  Obstacles or opportunity, we are ready to take it on.

With that said.  We will be sharing more of our journey with a small disclaimer. “We are no experts at life but we are experts at change.  We are not responsible for your successes or failures using our techniques.  You are the only one in control of your design.  Embrace the process”


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