Be Kind to Yourself

One of the first things I do in the morning is get on my phone and look for a quote to share with you all.  Yesterday, I failed at doing so because all I could relate to was “waking up tired quotes”.  See, I know most of you would have related but I remained in silence so I could stay uplifting and motivational.
This morning, I again woke up exhausted and bloated from my choices on Tuesday but unlike yesterday, the first words typed into Google were “Be Kind to Yourself”.
That’s just the truth.  Yesterday I was not kind to myself.  I woke up and for some reason decided to stray away from my morning routine.  A few poor choices first thing in the morning that would spiral into more poor choices throughout my day.


Poor Morning Choice #1
For some reason I chose to whip out the dry shampoo and not shower.  Now I know showering daily isn’t good for your hair or some shit but my routine is to shower every morning (even if I showered at 9pm the night before like I did on Monday).

I’m pretty confident in my 5 years at my job I’ve never gone in without showering…why I chose that yesterday is just a mystery.


Poor Morning Choice #2
I chose to not drink my Trim Tea that takes 1 minute in the microwave and about 30 seconds to drink if need be (more at the end of this on Trim Tea**).


Poor Morning Choice #3
I stopped at Dunkin and got coffee.  Now does that make sense?  I have time to go to the drive thru for coffee but NOT spend 2 minutes on my Trim Tea before I leave the house?

Also, I know if I get a coffee in the morning that is recipe for not drinking water until at least noon and resulting in me being dehydrated at the end of the day.


Poor Choice #4
Instead of having my fruit that I packed for my morning snack I went to the vending machine and got a giant cookie (520 calorie cookie to be exact).

Blaming my lack of Trim Tea on this one since it curbs cravings…
Poor choices leading to more poor choices at its prime.


Poor Choice #5
I worked until 7pm and chose to order Qdoba instead of coming home to the vegetarian curry Derek and I prepped for the week for my dinners since he won’t be home (intentially planned so I wouldn’t eat out every night…we know I don’t cook)


Poor Choice #6
Instead of coming home and working on my three personal goals for the day (which included a blog post and meditation). I binged watched Netflix and ate my dinner in bed until I fell asleep.


I’m confident that my only sound decision yesterday was to not add a nice glass of wine (or two) into the mix.  Mostly because I’m cheap and decided I shouldn’t buy Qdoba AND wine…

BUT, as crappy as my decisions were yesterday, the good news is they were all CHOICES.  Choices that I decided to make for myself.  Just as I made those poor decisions yesterday, today I chose to be kind to myself.

checkbox Shower
checkbox Trim Tea
checkbox Breakfast- Avacado Toast
checkbox Supplements
checkbox Morning Snack- Fruit & Almond
checkbox Lunch- Vegetarian Curry & Green Tea
checkbox Afternoon Snack- Protein Bar & Vitamin D
checkbox Yoga
checkbox Chores- Laundry, Dishes, Cat Boxes and Fed Derek’s Fish (you can come home now…)
Blog Post
checkbox Water Goal- 80oz

It’s funny how much better you feel and the energy you have when you just be kind to yourself.  I challenge you to be kind to yourself and be fully aware of the choices you make big or small and how they impact other decisions you make throughout your day/week.

“Fall in love with taking care of yourself.  Mind.  Body.  Spirit.”



**Trim Tea has some amazing stats from the studies that have been done.  All I know is it kills my cravings for less than $2/day. Click HERE for more info (ask me how to save 10%).

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