Embracing Change

Today I went to yoga for the first time in a month due to a hand injury and felt the urge to blog about it.

At first I wasn’t sure if I was going to blog about my feelings being back in the studio, my fears of someone asking where I’ve been, how I felt not doing yoga for a month, etc… but my mind kept going back to blogging about contradicting one of my very first blog posts shared just over a year ago.

See, my goal with Lives by Design is to be real and share everything I am doing daily and weekly to try and be a better me with the hopes it helps at least one person become a better version of theirself.  But the biggest thing holding me back from putting it all out there is the fear of contradicting myself in future blog posts.  Today I realized it is okay.  If there is one thing that I have learned in yoga it is to “let go of things that no longer serve you”.

So here it is, my first contradicting blog post.  In March I went to my first yoga class at an actual yoga studio here in Rochester, NY.  I gave it a try at their introductory price of 30 days for $40.  Great deal, right?  Until the 30 days was up and I was faced with the monthly commitment is $100 per month.

If you read my second ever blog post titled “Why I Cancelled My Gym Membership” you will know that I stopped paying $30/month for a gym membership because I was trying to save time and money.  I could work out at home for free and it saved me time because I wasn’t tied to a specific class time and didn’t have to travel to and from the gym.

So here I am a year after that blog post wanting to tell you all to get to a yoga studio that could potentially cost over three times your current gym membership and has classes at set times that are longer than what you spend at the gym.

The fact is, you don’t know what you don’t know until you know it.  When I blogged a year ago, I truly felt for me, at that moment, cancelling my gym membership was the best thing to do for me.

Does it mean I’m against people that go to the gym? NO.

Does it mean I’ll never have another gym membership in my life? NO.

Will I still continue to do workout programs at home while paying for yoga classes? YES.

Could I do yoga at home if I wanted/needed to in the future? YES.

Does that mean I should keep going to a yoga studio to myself?  ABSOLUTELY NOT!

I just want to share my experiences.  Something I do or have tried may be what you need in your life at that moment or maybe in a future moment.  A year ago time and money were important to me, today my mental health is worth more than that time and money.



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