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When Do You Journal?

I made a promise this year that I’d be better at running this blog page but clearly its been nearly 3 months and guess what, no posts.  I recently realized that writing comes more naturally when I am depressed so when I’m not “down in the dumps” even if I want to write or share it just doesn’t come out right.

This realization of writer’s block came to me when I began journaling in July.  I was having some “stuff” I couldn’t really share on here so I began writing it on paper.  I quickly found that every page in my journal was just straight sadness and depression pouring out of me.  Some pages would have a day in between them and others a week or more.  I reflected and it didn’t take long to diagnose that I was only having the urge to sit and journal when I felt alone and depressed.

Moving forward my goal is to make a conscious effort to sit down and write and get rid of that writer’s block and not only write here when I am depressed.  On a positive note, if you don’t hear from me on here for a few weeks (or months) it’s because I’m happy =)

So please, send me topics for blog posts.  Recipes, fitness, wellness, beauty, finances, organization, schedule, yoga, etc… I’m open to it all!


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  1. Autumn

    October 5, 2018 at 11:10 pm

    Write about the adventures you and Derek take ❤️


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