Work Flows


My 2018 goals are written somewhere.  They’ve been rewritten over and over and over again these last 365 days.  In my final few days of the year, I’ve taken several

WALL-E waving

Leveraging Time

The end of the year is always a time of reflection.  Tonight on my way home I was “running errands” and by that, I mean carefully mapping my path of

Free Flight Miles

The weather is getting nicer and it is starting to feel a bit like spring, summer and traveling!  We recently booked a trip to New Hampshire and that got me

Derek’s EDC (EveryDay Carry)

What is EDC? EDC is an acronym for EveryDay Carry. Everyday carry is literally all the items that you carry and use on a daily basis. Why is EDC a

Things we need time for (continued…)

I’m going to be honest.  Deciding to start a blog on why you need more time seems pretty contradictory.  Looking back it was.  See, my first post “Things we need

Don’t Let Others Waste Your Time

Have you ever assigned a dollar amount to your time?  If not, you should really consider it. Think about the times where someone has backed out of plans on you.

Things We Need Time For

Things.  What ultimately inspired me to finally pull the trigger on this blog. We are halfway through 2017.  I, along with Derek, have worked extremely hard this year on organizing