Sunday Meal Prep

Cheap. Quick. Healthy-ish. One of the most important things we do on Sunday is meal prep for the week.  But I’m sure you can all relate when I say sometimes

Be Kind to Yourself

One of the first things I do in the morning is get on my phone and look for a quote to share with you all.  Yesterday, I failed at doing

Embrace the Process

When we started Lives By Design that’s exactly what it was intended to be.  Sharing how we are designing our lives along this crazy journey. From what I’ve experienced thus

That God-Forsaken Hamster Wheel

There is something about being truly present.  I realized a few weeks ago that I was really off, like really REALLY off.  In all honesty I couldn’t tell you a

Derek’s EDC (EveryDay Carry)

What is EDC? EDC is an acronym for EveryDay Carry. Everyday carry is literally all the items that you carry and use on a daily basis. Why is EDC a

Things we need time for (continued…)

I’m going to be honest.  Deciding to start a blog on why you need more time seems pretty contradictory.  Looking back it was.  See, my first post “Things we need


I love projects. I love them so much that I practically run my life through projects. But at one time I wasn’t as productive as I am now.


It’s 11pm on a Monday night and I felt compelled to write this, after sitting at my computer for most of the day I got that dreadful feeling, the one that makes me feel depressed and anxious.

Don’t Let Others Waste Your Time

Have you ever assigned a dollar amount to your time?  If not, you should really consider it. Think about the times where someone has backed out of plans on you.

Why I Canceled My Gym Membership

TIME.  I canceled my gym membership because of time. Last week.  I thought about how much time the gym really takes up.  It isn’t just the 50 minute class.  I’d